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Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy that is used for staff a project and respond to the business objectives. Do you need SD-WAN Engineers with a specific skillset for short-term tasks? Staff augmentation by Netfosys Global can help you achieve a perfect fit between project progress and cost-effectiveness. By involving STAFF AUGMENTATION solutions, you can quickly scale your team up and down depending on the current or future development needs.

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Hiring talents is no more stress with the best in class SD-WAN staff augmentation here with you. Netfosys Global caters to deliver SD-WAN resource augmentation consulting, right from initial candidate screening to selecting the best human resource. Because staff augmentation companies like ours focus on recruiting the right talent for the right job at the right time with the aid of personalized staff augmentation consulting facilities!

Our Staffing Options

Netfosys Global STAFF AUGMENTATION services efficiently bridge the gap between right-talent demand and best in class quality project delivery. Staff augmentation calls for a DEFINED PROCESS and AVAILABILITY of abundant SD-WAN SKILLED RESOURCES to carry out the project without any hiccups.

Dedicated Resource Model

Time and Material Engagement

Project Based Engagement

Dedicated Resource Model

Do you want to get the highest expert SD-WAN Engineer at a cost-effective price? Then our Dedicated Resource Model (DRM) is all you need to opt for! This is one of the best engagement models that we offer our clients! With this model, you get to have your dedicated expert engineer for your project.

  • Establishing the project teams for Netfosys Global and the customer
  • Agreeing on project control documents
  • Establishing plans and priorities
  • Creating a meeting cadence
  • Identify approach phased or big bang

Time and Material Engagement

You can create your own team of SD-WAN dedicated resources to work with you on Total Man Hours basis of your project needs, of specific technology for specified number of hours / months. Choice is yours! We are flexible and can be adjusted to the varying needs of time & resources. This model is well suited to clients who have well-structured process to gather requirements, scope, deliverable and acceptance criteria for the project. As you provide to us a clear idea, requirements, scope along with the deliverable and acceptance, we execute the projects on a fixed-price and billing basis. During development, we provide phase-wise delivery and keep up with the delivery schedules. Consider it as one of the most effective and convenient models to cut down on your costs and stay within budget.

  • Increase or decrease the team size in a short notice.
  • Modifying the requirement set depending on the varying market needs.
  • Developing the project requirements on a dynamic basis
  • You can adopt this model at any phase of your project.

Project Based Engagement

Share your project specifications and scope with us and we will deploy the project team to understand your requirements. We will then provide you with a fixed price quote. We will do our utmost to fulfill our commitments to deliver the Set Scope within the stipulated time and budget, maintaining the transparency at all times with minimum risk. Netfosys specifically follows AGILE/ SCRUM methodology to deliver fixed cost project. In the later stage of the project delivery, if there is any ‘change in scope’, a rate is charged on the prior agreed fixed hourly cost. Check out our standard steps we follow:

  • You have a plan in place and need additional resources to execute it
  • You’re looking to pay a flat fee for a clearly defined scope
  • You need help getting something completed on a deadline
Our engagements vary from hourly "time and materials" rates, estimates for a project and monthly recurring service retainer. In the end, it's your choice, but we will guide you through the options to find the right fit for you. Our process embodies a consultative approach. Identifying business objectives and properly aligning these with network technology is essential. Without this, the risk to build overly complicated, cumbersome and inelegant solutions is very high. Balance and simplicity aligned with business objectives are key factors to success.

Why Choose Netfosys Global for Staff Augmentation

Our SD-WAN staffing services are a quick, reliable, and affordable way to complete your projects in less time. Our team of experts is always ready to jump in, integrate with your staff, and help you overcome your complex challenges without any stress or panic.

Provides Access to Large Talent Pool

Our SD-WAN Staff Augmentation services give firms access to a large talent pool. This way, companies can hire teams that have a relevant skill-set for their project. Netfosys, as the leading temporary staff provider, will give you an opportunity to engage with SD-WAN experts to help you in your project deployment needs.

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